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If we would touch each others in a loving way every day,
practice laughing and playing more, we would have World peace ;-)

You are truly a gift to all you touch.
Thank you for your insight and response to my energy, body and nurturing.
Healer as yourself are the gift of the creation. Ethan

I am so much better leaving than when I arrived. thank you Alyce.

Thank you Elizabeth for your usual wonderful, wonderful massage.
If only I could do this on a daily basis. Happy Holidays. Bob

Thank you for not only a wonderful massage,
but your sweet message of improving our health as well, Maureen and Jim

You are God's gift to the massage world. 11/07
Thank you for a wonderful contribution to our weekend of relaxation.
You are very talented. Sue

I am not sure where I went,
but it was beyond peaceful and outside of this dimension. That felt so good.

Incroyable. thank you. Eliza 10/07
Amazng hands. You truly have a gift. thank you.

Best massage ever. I could have stayed all day.

Thank you again for your magical touch.
You are special, May the energy of the new moon be with you tonite. Brenda

Elizabeth, It was our lucky day in August 1994 when we first met you at Osmosis for our massages,
then your yoga class and loyal patrons ever since. Bonnie, Sonoma county.CA

Thank you for sharing your gifts with me and all those whom you touch.
Your divine gifts are so needed in this world. Blessings on you. Marie, Arlington.MA

Thank you for your superb work and remarkable spirit. You change my life! Arlene

Unimaginable, tender and therapeutic. I can't recall ever having received a better massage.
I feel as it I have been spiritually lifted through your touch.
Heaven thank you, I thank you and the spirits thank you.
Love peace and serenity. Randi.

"5 stars" thank you. Elizabeth

Thank you for every inch. Absolutely relaxed. WHH

There are no words to say how much better I feel.
Thank you. You have a very special touch. Shanon.

Thank you for sharing your very special gifts,
your wonderful sense of touch and your knowledge. Warmest kindest regards. Sara.

You have a healing gift unlike many, best wishes. Drew.

I feel like a new man. Thank you. Charley

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